Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert

Founding Member CRSA

Deputy President and Vice President Education and Student Affairs
Professor of Media Economics & Management
Department of Communication & Media Research
University of Zurich


Hirschengraben 48

Room HIP E-107

CH-8001 Zürich

+41 (0)44 634 22 21


Short Bio

Gabriele Siegert, born in Augsburg in 1963, studied economics and social sciences, earning her doctorate at the University of Augsburg. She then taught and conducted research at several higher education institutions, including the universities of Salzburg and Jena and the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. In 2001, Prof. Siegert successfully submitted her habilitation at the University of Salzburg and was appointed full professor of media studies at UZH, with a focus on media economics. She was president of the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research from 2005 to 2009, head of the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at UZH from 2009 to 2013, and Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences from 2008 to 2012. Her research specializations are in media economics, media markets and advertising.

In her capacity as member of the Federal Media Commission FMEC (from 2013 to 2017), Gabriele Siegert advised the Federal Council and federal officers on media issues and on the development of communication within society. In addition, she chaired the Foundation for Research in Science and the Humanities at the University of Zurich (from 2011 to 2017).

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Selected Publications

Verhoeven, Marcel ; von Rimscha, M Bjørn ; Krebs, Isabelle ; Siegert, Gabriele ; Sommer, Christoph (2018).  Identifying paths to audience success of media products: the media decision-makers’ perspective. International Journal on Media Management, 20(1):51-77.

von Rimscha, M Bjørn ; Verhoeven, Marcel ; Krebs, Isabelle ; Sommer, Christoph ; Siegert, Gabriele (2018).  Patterns of successful media production. Convergence, 24(3):251-268.

Commercial communication in the digital age – information or disinformation?. Edited by: Siegert, Gabriele ; von Rimscha, M Bjørn ; Grubenmann, Stephanie (2017). Open Access: De Gruyter.

Siegert, Gabriele ; Hangartner, Stefanie A. (2017).  Media branding : a strategy to align values to media management?. In: Altmeppen, K D ; Hollifield, C. Ann ; van Loon, Joost . Value‐oriented media management : decision making between profit and responsibility. Berlin: Springer, 211-221.

Siegert, Gabriele ; Brecheis, Dieter (2017).  Werbung in der Medien- und Informationsgesellschaft: eine kommunikationswissenschaftliche Einführung. Wiesbaden: Springer.

Sommer, Christoph ; von Rimscha, M Bjørn ; Verhoeven, Marcel ; Krebs, Isabelle ; Siegert, Gabriele (2016).  Success factors of media product brands. Examining the building blocks for success across different media types. IPMZ – Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research Media Economics & Management - Working papers 10, University of Zurich.


Siegert, Gabriele (2015).  Market driven media brands: Supporting or faking high journalistic quality?. In: Siegert, Gabriele ; Förster, Kati ; Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia ; Ots, Mart . Handbook of Media Branding. Berlin: Springer, 355-371.


Barro, Pascal ; Siegert, Gabriele (2014).  Online Social Networks in Medien- und Sportmärkten: Konsumkapital in der interaktiven Sportkommunikation. In: Rau, Harald. Digitale Dämmerung. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 281-298.

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