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Center for Research in Sports Administration

Prof. Dr. Leif Brandes

Associate Member CRSA

Professor of Business Administration
Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Lucerne


Frohburgstrasse 3

Room 4.B38

CH-6005 Luzern

+41 (0)41 229 58 90


Short Bio

Leif Brandes is a Professor of Marketing & Strategy at the University of Lucerne. He previously taught at Warwick Business School and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale School of Management. He conducts research on customer word of mouth, biases in decision-making, and the effects of firm transparency. He also explores the impact of new technologies on value creation and product competition. He teaches courses in Marketing, Business Strategy, Decision-Making, and Marketing Analytics, and has initiated the ‘Marketing Challenge Series' at the University of Lucerne. Brandes holds a PhD in Business Administration and a Master of Mathematical Finance.


Full CV

Selected Publications

Lee, Nick; Chamberlain, Laura, and Leif Brandes (2018). Welcome to the Jungle! The
Neuromarketing Literature Through the Eyes of a Newcomer. European Journal of Marketing, Special Issue on Neuromarketing (Guest Editors: Terry Daugherty and Andrew Thomas), 52, 4– 38.

Brandes, Leif and Donja Darai (2017). The Value and Motivating Mechanism of Transparency in Organizations. European Economic Review, 98, 189-198.

Lee, Nick; Brandes, Leif; Chamberlain, Laura, and Carl Senior (2017). This is Your Brain on Neuromarketing: Reflections on a Decade of Research. Journal of Marketing Management. (invited commentary), 33, 878-892.

Brandes, Leif; Stephan Nüesch and Egon Franck (2016). Death-related Publicity as Informational Advertising: Evidence from the Music Industry. Marketing Letters, 27, 143-157.

Media Coverage: Washington Post, Yahoo!, The Irish Independent, BBC Radio
WBS Core Video available at:

Bartling, Björn; Brandes, Leif and Daniel Schunk (2015). Expectations as Reference Points: Field Evidence from Professional Soccer. Management Science, 61, 2646-2661.

Press Coverage: The Independent, The Sun, Yorkshire Post, Liverpool Echo, Coventry Telegraph

Brandes, Leif; Brechot, Marc und Egon Franck (2015). Managers’ External Social Ties at Work: Blessing or Curse for the Firm? Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 109, 203-216.

Press Coverage: Wall Street Journal, Ivey Business Journal, Real Business
WBS Video available at:

Brandes, Leif, Egon Franck, and Philipp Theiler (2013). The Group Size and Loyalty of Football Fans: A Two-Stage Estimation Procedure to Compare Customer Potential Across Teams. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 176, 347-369.

Brandes, Leif and Egon Franck (2012). Social Preferences or Personal Career Concerns? Field Evidence on Positive and Negative Reciprocity in the Workplace. Journal of Economic Psychology, 33, 925-939 (Lead article).

Brandes, Leif, Egon Franck, and Philipp Theiler (2009). The Effect from National Diversity on Team Production – Empirical Evidence from the Sports Industry. Schmalenbach Business Review, 61, 225-246.

Benz, Men-Andri, Leif Brandes, and Egon Franck (2009). Do Soccer Associations Spend on a Good Thing? Empirical Evidence on Heterogeneity in the Consumer Response to Match Uncertainty of Outcome. Contemporary Economic Policy, 27, 216-235.

Brandes, Leif, Egon Franck, and Stephan Nüesch (2008). Local Heroes and Superstars – An Empirical Analysis of Star Attraction in German Soccer. Journal of Sports Economics, 9, 266-286.

Brandes, Leif and Egon Franck (2007). Who Made Who? An Empirical Analysis of Competitive Balance in European Soccer Leagues. Eastern Economic Journal, 33, 379-403.

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Prof. Dr. Leif Brandes

Prof. Dr. Leif Brandes