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Center for Research in Sports Administration

Prof. Dr. Markus Lang

Associate Member CRSA

Associate Professor for Sports Management
Institute of Sports Sciences, University of Lausanne


Bâtiment Synathlon

Room 2308

CH-1015 Lausanne

+41 (0)21 692 37 98


Short Bio

Markus Lang holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Zurich and a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Ulm.

With an interdisciplinary profile, Markus Lang is the author of some forty articles on the regulation and organization of professional sports leagues, and more generally on governance, the market environment and the regulation of industrial organizations, as well as adaptation, learning and organizational research within the framework of limited rationality.

His work has been published in high-level journals and is also presented in reference books. In order to carry out his research, he has received several grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation, UEFA, and other scientific research foundations. 

Selected Publications

Martignoni, D., Keil, T., & Lang, M. (2020). Focus in Searching Core–Periphery Structures. Organization Science31(2), 266-286.

Lang, M., Deflorin, P., Dietl, H., & Lucas, E. (2014). The impact of complexity on knowledge transfer in manufacturing networks. Production and Operations Management23(11), 1886-1898.

Dietl, H. M., Grossmann, M., Lang, M., & Wey, S. (2013). Incentive effects of bonus taxes in a principal-agent model. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization89, 93-104.

Dietl, H. M., Lang, M., & Rathke, A. (2011). The combined effect of salary restrictions and revenue sharing in sports leagues. Economic Inquiry49(2), 447-463.

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Prof. Dr. Markus Lang

Prof. Dr. Markus Lang