CRSA grows with new members

We are happy to announce that new research members join the CRSA and help us strengthen our interdisciplinary projects.

Heinrich Nax is a behavioral game theorist, educated in economics and philosophy (logic & scientific method). He is an Assistant Professor at the UZH and "Privatdozent" at the ETHZ. His research interests include (Behavioral) market design and learning in games applied to markets and collective goods. His work has been applied in the industry, in particular, in tennis strategy consultancy.

Frank Rühli,, PhD is Dean of the Medical Faculty and Founding Chair (Full Professor) and Director of the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zurich, Switzerland. His main research fields are paleopathology (esp. analyses of ancient mummies) and anthropometrics. Frank Rühli co-heads the UZH Center for Crisis Competence, Faculty of Business, Economics, and Informatics and he also holds an Executive MBA degree.

Kaspar Staub is a historian and epidemiologist. He leads the Anthropometrics and Historical Epidemiology Research Group at the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at UZH. His interests include among others current and past pandemics as well as analysis of modern body shape (height, excess weight, body composition, nutrition, physical activity, 3D full body scans, etc.) in the general population as well as also in athletes.

Anil Özdemir