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Center for Research in Sports Administration

Opportunities of digital transformation for sports

On June 4, our Center for Research in Sports Administration (CRSA), in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen (EHSM), successfully hosted a workshop entitled "Opportunities of digital transformation for sports". Held at the University of Zurich, the event brought together over 30 participants, including practitioners and researchers, to explore the intersection of sport and digital transformation.

We would like to thank the presenters, workshop leaders, and all participants for a successful and very insightful workshop.

This workshop was an important step towards understanding and harnessing the opportunities of digitalization in sport. By fostering collaboration between researchers and practitioners, the event set the stage for future initiatives aimed at leveraging technology to enhance value creation in the sport industry.

CRSA and EHSM are committed to continuing this dialogue and exploring further research avenues to support the digital transformation of sport.

Program (PDF, 95 KB)

Workshop Notes