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Center for Research in Sports Administration

Philipp Wegelin at UZH Business Economics Seminar, October 22, 2019

Philipp Wegelin will present his paper on "The value of high performing peers in conjunctive tasks. Results from natural experiments in professional team sports" in the Business Economics Research Seminar.

Tuesday, October 22, 12.00 - 13.00 in room HAH-E10 (UZH)


Many tasks are handled by teams with team members interacting in a complex manner. Team members dispose of distinct skills and abilities. However, there is usually one individual who outperforms the others. Our research interest is to identify the influence of such strong performing team members on other, average performing team members. Previous papers report experimental evidence on peer effects in teams. We add to this body of research using real world data from professional team sports (basketball). Looking at basketball, we thereby focus on conjunctive tasks as extension to well researched independent (parallel) or sequential (additional) tasks. Our identification strategy exploits exogenous dropouts of the best performers during a given basketball game. We focus on three performance indicators that measure efficiency, risk taking, and effectiveness of the output.