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Discrimination in Amateur Football

Diskriminierung im Amateurfussball - Lieber mit Dani als mit Bojan kicken

One of Switzerland's leading newspapers, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), writes about recent work by Helmut Dietl, Carlos Gomez, and Cornel Nesseler.

Diskriminierung im Amateurfussball - Lieber mit Dani als mit Bojan kicken

From the article "Eine europaweite Studie zeigt, dass Diskriminierung im Amateurfussball bereits vor dem Anpfiff stattfindet. Ausschlaggebend ist der Name; in der Schweiz wird lieber «Wyss» als «Lukić» auf das Trikot gedruckt."

You can read the full paper here:

Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez, Cornel Nesseler, and Helmut Dietl publish their new paper on Mapping discrimination in Europe through a field experiment in amateur sport in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications

Societies are increasingly multicultural and diverse, consisting of members who migrated from various other countries. However, immigrants and ethnic minorities often face discrimination in the form of fewer opportunities for labor and housing, as well as limitations on interactions in other social domains. Using mock email accounts with typical native-sounding and foreign-sounding names, we contacted 23,020 amateur football clubs in 22 European countries, asking to participate in a training session. Response rates differed across countries and were, on average, about 10% lower for foreign-sounding names. The present field experiment reveals discrimination against ethnic minority groups, uncovering organizational deficiencies in a system trusted to foster social interactions.