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Center for Research in Sports Administration

Online Webinar: European Super League – doomed to fail?

We would like to invite you to participate in the UBS Center Webinar on Thursday, May 27, 2021, starting at 6.00 pm CET.

Ignacio Palacios-Huerta and Stefan Szymanski, both visiting guest professors at the CRSA, will be discussing the economics of the European Super League. UBS Foundation Professor Joachim Voth will host the hour-long discussion which will include an interactive Q&A session with both panelists.

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This webinar is organized by the UBS Center for Economics in Society and supported by the Center for Research in Sports Administration (CRSA) at the University of Zurich.


Is it really doomed to fail?

Is it really true that competition between big clubs only will attract more attention and ultimately generate more value? And even if this is the case, what about the fans? No club is bigger than its fans – or so it seems. The leagues in Europe and the United States operate in a distinct manner and generate different revenues for the clubs. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. What were the reasons for the top clubs to initiate a system change and why was there so much resistance? In fact, the two finalists of this year's Champions League final were part of the plan. Join us for the latest UBS Center webinar with Ignacio Palacios-Huerta, Professor at the London School of Economics and former board member of Athletic Bilbao, and Stefan Szymanski, Stephen J. Galetti Collegiate Professor of Sport Management at the University of Michigan. They will discuss questions including Is there more value to be generated through a “super league”? Are the “big clubs” convinced that they can appropriate more value through a “super league”? Was this the final nail in the coffin in terms of the idea of a European Super League?

UBS Foundation Professor Joachim Voth will host the hour-long discussion which will include an interactive Q&A session with both panelists.