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Center for Research in Sports Administration

New Working Paper by Helmut Dietl and Anil Özdemir on Performance Inconsistency and Salaries

Helmut Dietl and Anil Özdemir, together with their co-authors Giambattista Rossi (University of London Birkbeck College) and Rob Simmons (Lancaster University) have published a new UZH Business Working Paper No. 386 titled "Are Workers Rewarded for Inconsistent Performance?".


This paper examines whether workers are rewarded for inconsistent performances by salary premia. Some earlier research suggests that performance inconsistency leads to salary premia while other research finds premia for consistent performances. Using detailed salary and performance data, we find that inconsistency is rewarded for some dimensions of performance, specifically those where creativity is important and outcomes have higher variance. We find salary penalties for inconsistent performances in those dimensions that are basic requirements of successful team production.

You can find the paper on SSRN or RePEc.